What's Cooking? A Peek Inside the Oven is a new feature on this blog.

It will give the readers the opportunity to monitor/comment/contribute on some of the projects/stories which are currently being worked on. Not all stories will be published.

It will also answer some of the questions submitted by readers as to the status of the various projects.

This entry will be updated from time to time. Please feel free to contact us with news/comments/ideas about the topics mentioned below.

*Hastings/Leo Martinez/Richard Zitrin.

* Dispatch a letter to Mr. Thomas Girardi asking for the production of all contribution made by Girardi & Keese to the State Bar of California. Also, a cease and desist request to stop contributing funds to the State Bar of California while he/firm are under investigation.

* Refusal by State Bar, as was written to us by Mr. Robert Hawley, to furnish further information concerning the names of the prosecutors involved in the 60 Day Suspension Scandal, and the Ronald Stovitz Scandal. Write a letter to First Amendment Coalition? Pacific Legal Foundation?

* Is B & P 6079.1(b) which reads "The State Bar Court shall be broadly representative of the ethnic, sexual, and racial diversity of the population of California" Constitutional ? Or does it violate various laws i.e. Prop 209. Many readers expressed concerns.

*Is there an overall pattern and willingness on the part of minorities to violate and disregard the civil rights of others?

* Finalizing the ethics complaint re Mike Nisperos concerning his past use of illegal drugs, endangering the public by opening fire at an imaginary intruder, and by attempting to board an airplane while carrying a weapon.

* Finalizing and filling ethics complaint against Tammy Albertsen-Murray, Jeff DalCerro, Mike Nisperos concerning the 60 day suspension scandal.

* Filing complaints with Office on Judicial Performance against judges involved in the 60 day suspension scandal, and possibly Supreme Court justices.

* Possible stories: Philip Kay; the willy nilly disbarment of Phil Stimac--as oppose to the discipline free Nisperos-- side by side comparison.

* Finalizing a complaint against JoAnn Remke, Judith Epstein, Ronald Stovitz, and Catherine Purcell to the Office on Judicial Performance.

* Hannah Does

* Looking into possibility of amending State Bar complaint against Kerr& Wagstaffe to include new allegations of misconduct concerning various issues.

* Possible story on this blog concerning past stream of young white females at Kerr & Wagstaffe i.e. Gesa Teimann, Erin Murphy, Jordan Enright-Schulz, Bronwyn Galloway.

* Looking into whether the Swedish-born Hastings grad Kathy Shull was an employee of Kaus Ker Wagstaffe? Some pleadings create the impression that she might have been. Or, was it that Kaus, Kerr& Wagstaffe together with Kathy Shull (who might have been a sole-practitioner) represented Abascal in a spree of unmanufactured suits against financial institutions.

Was Shull ever convicted as a result of being stopped by the F.B.I driving a black Cadillac which contained drugs? Was Abascal ever convicted? Possible Bonnie & Clyde story.

* Research the circumstances concerning the departure of a female lawyer who was employed at KKW (Elizabeth Arnold) Was she ever employed at KW? Said lawyer currently employed at a firm in San Rafael Kelley & Farren, along with Jane Kerr, who is married to Mr. Kerr of KW. Why said associate was not hired by KW, or why did she leave/let go?

* Examine Hastings Prof. Marsha Cohen's misrepresentation concerning the race of the former associate at KW (In her emails to Intern LB, she misrepresented race of associate)

* Free Dick Fine

* Campaigning against various NAPABA events (Ritz Carlton + Walmart, etc.)

* Closer to the November election, campaigning against Ming Chin, Ronald George, Moreno? Baxter?

* Closer to the November election, filing complaints and campaigning against Ronald George, Barbara George concerning various acts of misconduct for i.e. nepotism, arranging a job for his wife, etc.

* Investigate as to reasons Justice Ming Chin's name appears on the ballot as M. William Chin.