As members of the "Association of Discipline Defense Counsel", along with other lawyers such as Doron Weinberg, Ephraim Margolin, Howard Miller, "Micha Star Liberty", Allen Blumenthal, Esther Rodgers,and Gerald Ulemen continue to remain silent by ignoring undisputed evidence of State Bar corruption and anti-Jewish attitudes in favor of a selfish motive, shocking discoveries were made today by TLR concerning the "60 Days Suspension Scandal."

TLR has learned that John Burton – a sexual harasser, a former cocaine addict, and the Chairman of the California Democratic Party – was a close associate and political ally of the father of the “Rabbi Beater” and attorney who was suspended for only 60 days after committing a pogrom in a San Francisco synagogue.

The 60 day suspension was handed down by Judge JoAnn Remke of the State Bar Court.

TLR has learned that it was John Burton himself who appointed Judge Remke to the position of a judge with the State Bar Court.

D e v e l o p i n g ….

In another interesting twist, TLR has also learned that it was also John Burton who introduced legislation which "politicized" the State Bar Court.


Prior to the enactment of this legislation, all State Bar Court judges, including both Hearing and Review judges, were appointed by the California Supreme Court.

However, John Burton grew unhappy with this arrangement after he served as a character witness before the State Bar Court on behalf of a man who killed his sister. Consequently, the appointment process was modified as a result of legislation introduced by Burton.

Specifically, in a hearing that took place before Judge Nancy Roberts Lonsdale concerning the admission of Eben Gossage, Burton testified that Gossage was rehabilitated and should be admitted despite his numerous criminal convictions, including one for killing his sister. Judge Lonsdale, who was no doubt under enormous pressure to admit Gossage and wanted to preserve her own judicial career, decided to admit Gossage.

The Committee of Bar Examiners filed an appeal with the Review Department, seeking to reverse Judge Lonsdale's decision. The Review Department also voted to admit Gossage. However, it was a split decision, with Judges O'Brien and Stovitz voting to admit Gossage. The third judge, Mr. Kenneth Norian, a non-attorney who served on the court as member of the public, voted against admission. In a rare dissent, Judge Norian's decision assailed the reasoning of his two colleagues. The Supreme Court of California was asked to intervene, and issued a decision denying Gossage's admission.

Upset over the fact that Gossage was not admitted, John Burton looked for someone to blame and designate a scapegoat. He decided to blame Judge Norian. As such, Burton quickly introduced legislation eliminating the non-attorney judicial position which also, ipso facto, removed Norian himself from the court.

Additionally, the new legislation provided that the California Supreme Court would no longer be the sole appointee of judges to the State Bar Court. This was Burton's little revenge. Burton also arranged for his "own people" to serve as judges. One of Burton's own people was JoAnn Remke, who at the time, was known as Jodi Remke.

It was Judge Remke who, while intentionally and knowingly committed grave misconduct, imposed a mere sixty day suspension on the son of Burton's friend and political ally for terrorizing a synagogue.

In the meantime, Judge Lonsdale's reputation suffered. State Bar insiders speculated that she would not be re-appointed because of her poor judging abilities, as reflected in the Gossage case. Lonsdale, desperate to save her career, filed a lawsuit with the California Supreme Court seeking to declare Burton's legislation unconstitutional. Additionally, and also in an attempt to save face and her career, and to show the world that she is a tough judge, Lonsdale began to impose unusually harsh and unreasonable punishments upon respondents who appeared before her.

A State Bar insider, speaking to TLR on condition of anonymity, opined that one of the unusually harsh, unreasonable, and capricious decisions issued by Judge Nancy Roberts Lonsdale was to disbar Phil Stimac.

“When you are nice to the cruel, you end up being cruel to the nice” the insider stated. “I bet John Burton would be unhappy if a lawyer, who has a prior criminal record, would only be suspended for 60 days after spitting in the mongoloid faces of his wife and daughter due to their racial background. Such a lawyer should be immediately disbarred, not suspended for sixty days; and I am not even mentioning the beating that the Rabbi and the congregates were subjected to.” The insider added.

In addition, the State Bar insider opined that "the State Bar Court and the Office of the Chief Trial Counsel are under pressure to show results, so when they give preferential treatment to some respondents, such as the “Rabbi Beater”, Malcolm Wittenberg, Tommy Girardi, Walter Lack, Howard Miller and many others, they have to make it up somewhere else, and they do so by going hard after the weak, unconnected, and unrepresented, people like Phil Stimac and Ronald Gottschalk.” The insider concluded.

TLR will continue to monitor events in connection with the above, and report accordingly.

TLR is also in the process of preparing an ethics complaint against John Burton for various acts of misconduct, including but not limited to, acts of sexual harassment.