August 31, 2010

Dear Mr. Nisperos:

1. Enclosed below is an ethics complaint filed against you today with the State Bar of California and the Bar for the Territory of Guam relating to your arrest at the Burbank airport for the crime of attempting to board an airplane with a dangerous weapon – a crime for which you were criminally prosecuted.

The complaint also encompasses your prior arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as your history of prolonged drug addiction to cocaine and, later, crack cocaine. As you recall, you already admitted that you used to "cook" the cocaine at your home in Oakland.
In addition, the complaint to the State Bar also alleges that, while delusional, you opened fire at an imaginary figure while in your Oakland home.

Anyone who examines your record with the State Bar of California will, shockingly, find that you have no history of discipline.

We attribute this to the widespread corruption at the State Bar of California, and the fact that you were once employed by the State Bar. Certainly, any member of the public who checks would be misled as to your reliability and the type of person you are.

2. In a recent article in the legal newspaper The Recorder concerning the massive attempted fraud which took place in the litigation against Dole, you were quoted as saying that you are a "good friend" of Mr. Thomas Girardi of Girardi and Keese, and that he sent you tickets to Lakers games.

As you may be aware, several months ago we filed a State Bar ethics complaint against Mr. Thomas Girardi and his confederates (Walter Lack, Paul Triana, Sean Topp, and the president of the State Bar of California, Mr. Howard Miller). Our investigation into this matter is continuing as we believe justice is being manipulated. As you may also be aware, the Ninth Circuit recently suspended Walter Lack for a period of six months, and reprimanded Mr. Girardi.

We believe that the State Bar of California has been engaging – and continues to engage – in serious misconduct and cover-ups relating to the attempted fraud. We also believe that you are part of the web of misconduct as you failed to take action for a period of two years after Judge Nora Manella flagged the litigation as suspect.

We believe it is your obligation to the people of the State of California to disclose the nature of your friendship with Mr. Girardi, and to otherwise provide a list of all the gifts he bestowed on you and members of your family. As such, we ask that you describe the scope and nature of your relationship with Mr. Girardi, and provide lists of all gifts you bestowed on one another.

Also, when you were an employee of the State Bar of California and lived in Pasadena, did you visit Mr. Girardi's home in Pasadena?

3. As you also may recall, during the time you were employed by the State Bar an attorney who assaulted, severely beat, and spat in the faces of congregants of a religious institution was only suspended for 60 days, despite the fact that he had a prior criminal conviction for assault and a prior record of discipline with the State Bar. We are particularly confused by these events given that the attorney in question offered almost no proof of rehabilitation – in fact, the only proof of rehabilitation offered was counseling and therapy from his prior conviction, and the payment of "criminal restitution" ordered as part of his criminal conviction (something which carries very little weight, if at all, with the State Bar Court).

We are also in the midst of an investigating this matter, along with your involvement in the related misconduct relating to that case. We have determined that Ms. Tammy Albertsen-Murray was assigned to the case, and that Jeff DalCerro was also involved. We are attempting to determine who Albertsen-Murray’s direct supervisor was in the case. In the interest of full disclosure, please be advised that we have attempted to obtain the information from the State Bar, with no success. Specifically, Mr. Robert Howaly declined to provide the requested information.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. Please forward the information requested as well as any other relevant information to We note that time is of the essence because we intend to advance another complaint against you in connection with Sections 2 and 3, above, as soon as possible. We are also forwarding a copy of this communication to Mr. Girardi at

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. If you need more information please visit