TLR's readers should rest assured, one thing I will never do is compromise my ethics as a journalist, or my ethics and obligations as a religious leader in the community.

On the other hand, if I break my diet, and guzzle an entire container of Rocky-road ice-cream, that is just between me an Asda, however. Same applies to Rocky-road muffins with raisins, sultanas, and cherries.

So when I received a call from the States, and on the line was a woman with a heavy Russian accent ordering asking me to remove a certain photo from TLR, I became utterly confused.

Turned out the Russian woman is an employee of a relative of mine who lives in the States. She was asked to call and inform me that a woman who appeared in one of the photos I had posted is married to a distant relative of mine.

The name of the woman who appeared in the photo is Robin. As Robin is blond, the picture involved Chief Justice Ronald George, who usually stands near a blond when he says cheese.

By the time I managed to speak to my relative in the States to fully grasp the facts, all the Rocky-road disappeared, and I moved to Rolo Ice-Cream, my second favorite.

Robin, is Robin Broidy, who is married to a distant relative of mine, Elliott Broidy.

In the interest of full disclosure, I hereby inform TLR's readers that any misconduct committed solely by Mr. Broidy will not be reported or further explored by TLR because of the obvious conflict of interests. Begrudgingly, I also removed the photo.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need a Shandy.

To make a Shandy, mix equal amount of beer with either Sprite or 7UP.