Judge Carl Barbier

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Carl Barbier is an Article III federal judge for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. He joined the court in 1998 after being nominated by President Bill Clinton.

Judge Barbier, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with his Bachelor's Degree in 1966 and later from Loyola University New Orleans School of Law with his Juris Doctor Degree in 1970.

Deepwater Horizon oil spill cases:

Judge Barbier presides over many consolidated cases following from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Barbier was chosen by the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation on August 10, 2010. Most of the claims are brought by fisherman, rig workers, boat captains, and similar plaintiffs.

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In a story published yesterday by the "Wall Street Journal"(WSJ) "Modesty Is Out as Lawyers Vie for Key Spots in BP Suit” the WSJ opined that attorneys are "showing a bit of swagger in court filings, hoping a judge will pick them for key posts."

Robert T. Cunningham, an attorney from Alabama, displayed his swagger by stating to the court "I have very little mass tort experience to speak of....So, if a list of our mass tort cases...is a requirement for the (committee) in this litigation, Your Honor should conserve valuable judicial time by placing this application in the nearest trash can without reading further. I lost my first jury trial in 1975. I lost my most recent jury trial in 2008. I have done my best to forget the ones I lost in between. My firm and I believe that if you are not occasionally losing a case, you are not trying enough of them. We win them, too, and I will mention just a few..."

Swaggerer Thomas Girardi, hoping to collect swag, sought to be appointed lead counsel in the case by out swaggering the other attorneys. He stated: "I criss-crossed the country twenty-two times in eleven months and had a substantial role in fashioning the most complex of settlements," in making his case for why he qualified for a lead post, Girardi stated: "I'm a lot smarter now."

There is, however, another publication which would like to state an opinion on the matter. The name of the publication is "The LeslieBrodie Report" (TLR).

TLR is of the opinion that Mr. Thomas Girardi should not be part of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill cases at all, especially not as lead counsel.

Mr. Girardi, as TLR's readers are aware, is still under investigation by the State Bar of California for the misconduct he committed during the Dole litigation.

While the Ninth Circuit dealt with this issue by reprimanding Girardi and suspending Mr. Lack for a period of 6 months, the State Bar of California (or most likely, an outside conflict counsel) is still considering the matter.

As such, it is unwise for Girardi, who is apparently in denial looming on the horizon is the possibility of disbarment or years of actual suspension, to undertake such a project as the Deepwater Horizon.

Additionally, TLR is of the opinion that Mr. Girardi should be busy contemplating a plan to compensate the victims of his misconduct, namely, the plaintiffs in Nicaragua whom he betrayed. Without the payment of restitution to the victims, Girardi and his confederates will not be able to prove rehabilitation and that they are otherwise worthy of a law license.

Thomas Girardi of Girardi & Keese
Mr. Thomas Girardi, a "good friend" of the former crack-addict Mike Nisperos and was listed on Nisperos' resume as "mentor emeritus", is in denial looming on the horizon is the possibility of disbarment or years of actual suspension.(Photo:Courtesy)

During the litigation against Dole, Mr. Girardi created an elaborate deception in order to shield himself. In addition to deceiving courts by his actions, he vexatiously and in multiple proceedings used judicial resources in a fraudulent manner in order to enrich himself, causing injury to Dole Food Company and causing injuries to the clients, the plaintiffs in Nicaragua who desperately needed his help.

Mr. Girardi should also be busy explaining his relationship with the former crack-addict, Mr. Mike Nisperos, and fully disclose all gifts bestowed on Nisperos, along with an explanation why Mr. Nisperos referred to him as "Mentor Emeritus."

Moreover, TLR is of the opinion that Judge Barbier and others should be made privy to the circumstances surrounding Mr. Girardi before any decision is made as to who should serve as lead counsel in the Deepwater Horizon cases.

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