A young man has recently emerged to stake his claim for the role of David in fighting abuse and injustices within the corrupt California State Bar.

According to anonymous sources, David Dydzak Daniel, a relatively unknown attorney from Marina Del Ray, will be airing his grievances concerning State Bar corruption, as well as the instrumental involvement of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in said corruption, at a special hearing ordered by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to examine alleged violations of David’s due process rights.

It is safe to assume that the judges on the Ninth Circuit – who were victimized and had a mockery made of them vis-ŕ-vis the decision by the State Bar and Howard Rice's Jerome Falk not to discipline Walter Lack and Thomas Girardi – will be paying closer attention to David's grievances.

Mr. Jerome Falk of Howard Rice, an appellate specialist with a mercurial personality. In 2008, during an interview with a legal publication, Mr. Falk stated while describing some opposing counsel, “I would do anything to squash them. So those cases don't settle. You just want to rip their throats out." After visiting Vietnam, Mr. Falk joined East meets West, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in Vietnam. (Photo:courtesy of Vietnam, East meets West)

While it would, of course, be premature to assess the validity of David's claims without first fully examining the case file. According to the sources, however, David is a credible and capable lawyer who is passionate about justice; and has already proven that he is able to withstand the kind of punishing opposition allegedly provided courtesy of the State Bar on behalf of the wrongdoers.

More specifically, it is alleged that Howard Rice was instrumental in using the State Bar of California/State Bar Court as a vehicle to punish David for his role in exposing corruption and improprieties at brokerage house Charles Schwab, an established client of Howard Rice.

In his pleadings submitted to the Ninth Circuit, David alleges improprieties on the part of State Bar Court Judge Donald Miles, a former partner at Howard Rice, as well as Sean Selegue, who is presently a partner at Howard Rice.

Notably, Howard Rice is a major contributor to the State Bar Foundation.
Doug Winthrop, President-elect of the State Bar of California Foundation and a partner at Howard Rice, has not been named as one of the actors who participated in the alleged scheme to harm David, and as such TLR urges readers to exercise caution and not jump to conclusions regarding any involvement by him.