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**Written by a staff-member. Leslie Brodie will be back on Monday, April 25 2011.

The Leslie Brodie Report (TLR) is carefully following a major developing story out of California. We will provide around-the-clock coverage and post updates as they become available.

According to confidential sources, as part of the multi-prong inquiry into CaliforniaALL, one "major breakthrough" was the discovery of and circumstances surrounding the California Consumer Protection Foundation ("CCPF").

CCPF was established in the 1990s to protect and benefit consumer interests in various areas, including health care, auto sales, consumer fraud, privacy, finance, insurance, energy, and telecommunications.

Since 1991, CCPF has distributed more than $30 million, the source of which is cy pres funds resulting from class action lawsuits and regulatory proceedings before the CPUC.

Shockingly, Ms. Judy Johnson was and is the President and Chair of CCPF.
Ms. Cassandra Malry serves as CCPC's Executive Director.

Judy Johnson Cassandra Malry Ms. Gwen Moore
From left, Judy Johnson, Cassandra Malry, and Gwen Moore. According to the sources, the FBI has been informed of large contributions from CCPF to an entity controlled by one Eric Moore. These sources maintain CCPF's website falsely lists only 2 pages for contribution made to entities controlled by Mr. Moore in 2008 and 2009. (photo:courtesy)

Eric Moore
Mr. Eric Moore of the Institute,a self-proclaimed "Entrepreneurial Philanthropist." From EducateLA to EducateCA and beyond, CCPF actively concealed contributions made to entities controlled by Moore prior to 2008.

Karen Bass
Ms. Karen Bass, she had served as a member of the California State Assembly representing the 47th district since 2004. From 2008 to 2010, she served as Speaker of the California State Assembly. In 2009, Karen Bass appointed Gwen Moore to serve as Public Member of the State Bar of California Board of Governors.

George Davis
Mr. George Davis of Davis Broadband Group in Los Angeles. Mr. Davis has been serving as Public Member of the State Bar of California Board of Governors as of May of 2007. According to sources, an inquiry is underway as to the relationship between Mr. Davis and one Jennifer Brown of Bresee as well as connection between Davis, Brown and Towercom. Moreover, and according to the sources, CCFP fraudulently assigned Bresee multiple names in order to conceal large transfer of funds from CCPF to Bresee where Jennifer Brown serve as president. (Photo: Courtesy CalBar Journal)