In part 1 of "The Gospel of APA",  we discussed the hypocrisy of many within the Asian-American community in general, and that of NAPABA in particular in their constant and ugly push for the selection of Asian-American as judges -- either state or federal -- to the detriment of more qualified individuals who are otherwise not Asian-American.

The rationale behind the ugly push is diversity, and as we demonstrated -- is a one way street.

Goodwin Liu
Mr. Goodwin Liu, was nominated by President Obama to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.  Liu's liberal support of  same-sex marriage and affirmative action promted Republicans to filibuster his nomination.

Today, California Governor Jerry Brown announced that he is nominating Goodwin Liu, a University of California, Berkeley law professor, to the California Supreme Court.

Assuming Goodwin Liu is confirmed, and along with Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye, Associate Justice Ming Chin and Associate Justice Joyce Kennard, APA will have a 57.14 % representation on the California Supreme Court, while APA are only 12.5% of California's population.

Should Goodwin, for the sake of intellectual honesty and a diverse California Supreme Court, decries, reject, and otherwise filibuster his own nomination to the California Supreme Court?