In this, and future articles, TLR will offer extensive coverage of the troubling circumstances surrounding Mr. Pierce Henry O'Donnell.

O'Donnell is an attorney and former named-partner in O'Donnell & Shaeffer. He is purportedly both well-known and well-respected, and is a current partner at O'Donnell & Associates.

Mr Pierce O'Donnell (Image: source)

Unfortunately, O'Donnell also suffers from a mental illness which allegedly contributed to his inability to comply with laws and regulations pertaining to political contributions – specifically, manic-depressive disorder.

He has been involved in multiple court proceedings, described briefly below:

1. Criminal proceedings in the Los Angeles County Superior Court relating to unlawful contributions to James Hahn. O'Donnell was convicted of these crimes, and sentenced to probation.

2. Criminal proceedings in federal court. These proceedings are ongoing and relate to alleged unlawful contributions to John Edwards.

Mr Tom O'Brien,  former U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California, advanced the original criminal charges against O'Donnell.   Previously, TLR made mention of O'Brien's stellar career and unparalleled contribution to the community.

3. State Bar of California Court proceedings relating to his attempt to mislead a Nevada state court.

4. State Bar of California alternative proceedings relating to his mental illness (O'Donnell failed to comply with the conditions of the program and his participation was terminated).

5. State Bar of California Court proceedings relating to his conviction of crimes involving moral turpitude in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

6. Ongoing criminal proceedings in federal court advanced by the U.S. government.

Events surrounding O'Donnell repeat a familiar pattern, as well as fall squarely within TLR's originally-stated purpose, which is to expose corruption in connection with the "60 Days Suspension Scandal," wherein an attorney with a prior criminal history engaged in a pogrom in a San Francisco synagogue, yet was only suspended for 60 days due to his political connections within the Democratic party, courtesy of Judy Johnson, JoAnn Remke, and former-crack-addict Mike Nisperos – for whom Thomas Girardi served as "mentor."

O'Donnell's participation (alongside Thomas Girardi , Walter Lack, and James Brosnahan) in the El Paso Natural Gas and Sempra Energy litigation is a source of grave concern, particularly due to his purported mental illness which may have affected the outcome of litigation involving millions of Californians.

In this, Part 1, we will cover O'Donnell , who – while suffering from mental illness – unlawfully participated in a scheme to raise money for James Hahn, as well as related State Bar of California Court proceedings.


In 2000, O'Donnell promised to raise $50,000 in political contributions for then-Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn.
O'Donnell made several attempts to raise the money by engaging in a mass mailing effort to friends/colleagues, making personal appeals to potential donors, and arranging a luncheon for individuals to meet personally with Hahn. However, despite these efforts, he was unable to raise the promised $50,000.

As such, O'Donnell told his assistant that he would reimburse staff members at his law firm for contributions to the Hahn campaign. Subsequently, from May 22, 2000 through March 1, 2001, O'Donnell advised others that he would reimburse them for their political contributions to Hahn's campaign.

As a result, 26 individuals contributed a total of $25,500 to Hahn's campaign, each of them with the understanding that O'Donnell would reimburse them for their contributions. 23 of the 26 donors were employees or spouses of employees at O'Donnell's firm.

On May 20, 2004, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office filed 26 misdemeanor charges of Government Code section 84301 (using a false name in making political contributions) against O'Donnell.

On February 2, 2006, as part of a plea agreement, O'Donnell was convicted of five misdemeanor counts of Government Code section 84301, and the remaining counts dismissed; he was sentenced to probation.


Due to his alleged mental illness, O'Donnell sought to participate in the State Bar Court's Alternative Discipline Program ("ADP”), alleging a nexus between his mental illness and his misconduct. See below.

Pierce ODonell State Bar Court

At the August 2, 2010 hearing, which O'Donnell attended with counsel, a State Bar Court judge found that O'Donnell was not in compliance with the conditions of the court's ADP, and his participation in that program was terminated. See below.


Subsequently, after his termination from the ADP, proceedings took place in which it was determined that O'Donnell had engaged in crimes involving moral turpitude. See below.

Pierce O'Donnell Moral Turpitude

On 2/23/2011, and Despite O'Donnell's conviction of crimes involving moral turpitude, and his inability to complete the ADP, O'Donnell was suspended from the State Bar for a period of only 60 days.

To be continued.