The Leslie Brodie Report (TLR) is carefully following a major developing story out of California relating to State Bar of California Board of Governor member Laura Chick.

Sources with knowledge of the probe, speaking on condition of anonymity, maintain the multi-prong probe is rapidly expanding and encompasses broader inquiries than had been acknowledged up to now.

In addition, a red flag continue to fly over Sheldon Sloan, Ronald George, Laura Chick, and Robert Chick -- CEO of a Burbank-based legal malpractice insurance carrier known as Lawyer's Mutual Insurance Company.

MGA Team -- Counsels Who Represented Defendant MGA ("Bratz Dolls".) From Left: Skadden Arps' Raoul Kennedy and Thomas Nolan ; Howard Rice's Jerome Falk And Douglas Winthrop; Keker & Van Nest's John Keker and Former MGA'S In-House Counsel and Present Partner with Lewis Brisbois, Mr. Craig Holden.

These sources maintain that the inquiry involves personnel at Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, the State Bar of California, as well as a close examination of the relationship between Laura Chick and Edith Matthai of Robie & Matthai.

A source maintains that one aspect of the inquiry involves 3 sub-parts concerning the alleged:

1) Circumstances surrounding events relating to the State Bar of California/California Supreme Court and its enmeshment with Lawyer's Mutual Insurance Company vis--vis Laura Chick, Sheldon Sloan, Ronald George, and operative Beth Jay.

2) circumstances surrounding the removal of Craig Holden from MGA (a client of Girardi & Keese) to Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, as well as the subsequent positioning of Holden as member of the BOG, and thanks to an endorsement by the Breakfast Club -- A Los Angeles-based entity which the recruiting of candidates for the State Bar of California Board of Governors is its primary function.

3) Circumstances surrounding actions taken (or, most likely, lack thereof) by the State Bar of California against clients of the Lawyer's Mutual Insurance Company, as well as circumstances surrounding actions taken by the OCTC/State Bar Court/California Supreme Court in "fixing" cases against errant clients of Lawyer's Mutual (at times via State Bar Court "Default Judgement"), as to allow Lawyer's Mutual an opportunity to potentially argue the misconduct was "intentional", and hence to reject coverage.

Here, particular attention is given to the examining transactions surrounding Sheldon Sloan, Ronald George, Judith Epstein, Ronald Stovitz, and former-crack-addict Mike Nisperos.

TLR is closely monitoring the situation, and will continue to keep readers apprised of any developments as they become available.