The Association of California Water Agencies ("ACWA"),  the largest statewide coalition of public water agencies in the U.S., reports that FBI Special Agent Herbert Brown -- head of the FBI's Sacramento Division --  will discuss the next generation of threats facing water systems during a luncheon program Dec. 5 at ACWA's 2012 Fall Conference & Exhibition in San Diego.

Brown, a native of San Diego, served as a police officer for the Capitola and San Jose Police Departments from 1979-87 prior to his employment with the FBI. Director Robert Mueller has named Brown special agent in charge of the FBI's Sacramento Division in December of 2010.

Sunne Wright McPeak -- CEO of highly controversial California Emerging Technology Fund ("CETF") -- is "slated to provide keynote remarks at the luncheon program," according to ACWA.


Sunne Wright McPeak is the Action Fund chairwoman for California Forward. She will speak Tuesday, Jan. 10, in downtown Davis. Courtesy photo
Sunne McPeak, CEO of non-profit entity known as California Emerging Technology Fund ("CETF"). Both McPeak and CETF are under extreme scrutiny by The Leslie Brodie Report and Yolo County-based Rabbi ("YR") for myriad acts of shenanigans, not the least of which is McPeak's excessive annual salary of $342,070.00.  CETF is part of a growing number of CPUC / Michael Peevey induced family of questionable and/or sham entities which include: CETF, ZeroDivide, California Consumer Protection Foundation ("CCPF"), and last, but certainly not least, the scheme known as CaliforniaALL that has been discussed here at length. (image: courtesy)



CALIFORNIA EMERGING TECHNOLOGY FUND ("CETF") DIRECTORS: Sunne McPeak, AARP's Barbara O'Connor, CETF's Adviser and Costa Rica devotee -- Kempster Group's Brenda Kempster of Link Americas Foundation / ICT Literacy Portal sponsored by CETF.  Link Americas Foundation's Kempster and O'Connor are under scrutiny in connection with 2009 expense totaling  $167,145.00 celebrating the inauguration of Barack Obama.




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